Billing Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do advanced billing or billing in arrears?

We only bill for services already rendered.

For example, the invoice you receive in August reflects the services you used in July.

Will my credit card automatically be charged every month?

Once you have a credit card on file, yes.

You can opt out of automatic payments at any time. For more information, see Automated Credit Card Payments.

Why can’t I see my old invoices?

In June, we migrated to an in-house billing system (see the June 30, 2020 release notes).

Currently, invoices that were generated with our previous billing platform are not available to download through the portal. This is temporary and we are working on a way to import all legacy billing data. Until then, you can contact to get copies of old invoices.

I sent a payment. Why is my invoice still showing overdue?

This likely means that we have received your payment but have not had a chance to apply it.

What does “Finalized” mean for an invoice?

“Finalized” means the invoice is ready to be paid. It has been reviewed (if necessary) and includes all monthly charges.

You might see the following invoice statuses:

  • Finalized: The invoice includes all charges and is ready to be paid.
  • Overdue: The invoice has not been paid and it has been more than 30 days since the invoice date.
  • Closed: Payment has been received and applied.

How do I dispute charges?

To file a dispute, gather all relevant details and email

What happens when the current contract for my service ends?

If you do not renew or extend your contract before it expires, your service will automatically revert to a month-to-month plan. This means that you can cancel it without paying an early termination liability fee. However, you will also be charged the current month-to-month service rates.

Do you charge a fee if I cancel early?

That depends on how the service is billed and the type of service. For more information, see Cancel a Service.