February 25, 2021 Release Notes

New features

Cross connects page Customer request

We added a new top-level page specifically for PacketFabric-outbound cross connects (cross connects extending from us to you, using an LOA provided by you). From here you can do the following:

  • View and manage your cross connects.
  • Order cross connects for eligible services (Dedicated cloud connections, point-to-point connections, access ports).

screenshot of Cross Connects page

Changes and enhancements

  • Added a visual loading indicator when performing time-intensive queries in the portal.
  • Removed the Basic Test Endpoint virtual circuit filter, as that is an obsolete service.
  • Various style updates to improve font color contrast for legibility.
  • Updated the sidebar color from navy to white.
  • Added checks to enforce unique IP addresses between a Cloud Router’s connections.
  • Added pagination to pages displaying a user’s provisioned ports.
  • Updated the Dedicated cloud ordering page with an option to upload the LOA for the cross connect.

Bug fixes

  • Missing text in confirmation dialog when removing a LAG member.
  • Price discrepancies between order forms and SOF.
  • Drop-down menus not opening when filtering the marketplace.
  • Currency symbol missing from usage-based pricing on backbone virtual circuit order page. Customer request
  • Delete action should not be available while a cloud connection is still provisioning.
  • Some fields in order pages were not resizing on smaller screens.
  • Screen resolution changes caused irregularities on AWS Hosted connection order pages.
  • Wrong destination port is selected when creating a virtual circuit.
  • Port term upgrades failing.
  • “BGP settings not present” error incorrectly displaying on Cloud Router connections to access ports.
  • Users could delete Dedicated cloud connections that still had an attached virtual circuit.
  • Some users unable to delete Azure Hosted cloud connections.
  • Cloud Router details didn’t display NRC and MRC costs.
  • Fixed spacing issue on port order page that was causing text to overlap.
  • History and activity pages not populating correctly for Cloud Routers.

Knowledge base


  • Added a May 1, 2021 sunset date for the API v1.0 reference.
Customer request = Indicates changes/features/fixes based on customer feedback.