June 1, 2021 Release Notes

Changes and enhancements

Marketplace improvements

Reorganized marketplace configuration pages and added a sidebar navigation pane

screenshot of the marketplace nav menus

The sidebar includes the following pages:

  • Services - Browse the marketplace.
  • My Services - Create and manage your own marketplace services. Previously, this page was located under Admin > Marketplace Services.
  • Settings - Customize if and how you appear in the marketplace to other users. Previously, these settings were located under Admin > Company Profile.
  • Connection Requests - Opens the Connection Requests page under Network.

For more information, see Marketplace & IX.

When composing your company description and the descriptions for your marketplace services, you can now add an inline link as well as to preview what you’ve written:

screenshot of company description field

Connection request improvements

More information in Z-side connection request emails

The following information has been added to the notification sent to the Z-side when they receive a connection request:

Customer details:

  • Customer name:
  • Customer contact name:
  • Customer contact email:
  • Customer contact phone number:

Connection details:

  • A-end market:
  • Z-end market:
  • Connection Speed:

Confirmation window when rejecting connection requests

When rejecting a received connection request, you will now be prompted to confirm your decision:

screenshot of the confirmation window

Port provisioning and billing

This release includes two changes for the port provisioning process:

  • Instead of starting billing 15 days after the port is ordered, we will now begin billing after 15 days OR when the port achieves an Operational Status of Up, whichever comes first. For more information, see Port Pricing, Terms, Billing.

  • When provisioning a port, you will now see the option to create a new billing contact:

    screenshot of the new billing contact action

    If selected, you will see the new billing contact form fields without having to navigate away from the port order form:

    screenshot of the billing contact fields

Miscellaneous user interface and functionality changes

  • Added the following notice when creating Google and Azure Cloud Router connections: “To ensure high availability, add a redundant connection. Keep redundant connections within the same Cloud Router.”
  • Added average and trend lines to various statistical graphs.
  • We are no longer autopopulating the VLAN IDs when creating Azure cloud connections, as it was causing unintended errors.
  • Resellers can download invoices in CSV format.

Bug fixes

  • An option for changing ‘speed’ was unexpectedly made available to users, this option was not supported and has been removed.
  • Graphs were not displaying on the dashboard.
  • Providers did not receive enough information about customers.
  • LAG overflow menu produced a JavaScript error.
  • Billing details for rate and subscription term were missing for dedicated port Cloud Router connections.
  • Activity logs lacked a category for Cloud Router information.
  • Invoice PDFs opened in new tabs instead of downloading, even though the user was specifically clicking a download action.
  • Virtual circuit usage speed did not display correctly in some cases.
  • Create LAG page occasionally failed to display selectable ports.
  • Stuck ports were displayed as selectable on the virtual circuit page.
  • In input fields on company profile pages, pressing the Enter key opened an unexpected window.
  • Virtual circuits page displayed Cloud Router connections; they have now been filtered.
  • If a last flap value was invalid it would display an unexpected error, it now says “N/A” in this case.
  • Port numbers on the side bar did not automatically refresh after deleting a port.
  • The option to order a cross connect was unexpectedly available for some Dedicated cloud connections, this option now correctly displays as “View Cross Connect.”
  • The API can no longer be used to delete ports that are in the process of provisioning.
  • Media price missing from billing summary on port order pages.

Knowledge base

New pages


  • Added a feedback link to the footer. Emails containing glowing praise will be prioritized, but all feedback and any questions are welcome.
  • Separated billing pages into a separate section: Billing
  • Added “virtual circuit needs two active interfaces” to the common errors troubleshooting page.
  • Added links to the Reseller Admin portal API to the API reference section.