November 22, 2021 Release Notes

New features

ENNI support

When provisioning a port, you can now select whether it should be an ENNI. ENNIs allow Q-in-Q tunneling.

Create port screenshot with ENNI toggle

There is no price difference when provisioning an ENNI, and ENNI-enabled ports are available at most PacketFabric locations.

For more information, see ENNI Ports and Announcing ENNI Support for Q-in-Q, Network Extension and Backbone Expansion.

Previously, users who signed in via SSO would need to bookmark a special URL. Now, there is an SSO sign in option from the PacketFabric login page:

Login page with SSO button highlighted

If SSO is enabled, users can click Sign in with SSO. They are asked to enter their email address and then will be redirected to their specific login URL.

API keys

Users can now create and manage API keys to use with automated solutions.

API key create window

For more information, see API Keys.

Disable BGP for Cloud Router connections

You can now disable BGP for specific Cloud Router connections. This is primarily useful for troubleshooting connections.

Disable BGP for Cloud Router connection

Changes and enhancements

Redesigned list pages for services

The list tables for services have been redesigned with a slide-out panel that appears when you click a table row. From here you can see an abbreviated version of the details, as well as select options from the Actions menu.

Login page with SSO button highlighted

This redesign also includes the following enhancements:

  • A copy-to-clipboard action next to circuit IDs:

    copy action

  • A visual indicator for circuits that have an hourly burst in place:



  • Users will now be prevented from deleting a port if there is still optic light being detected (meaning that the cross connect has not yet been removed).
  • Added a tooltip for the Delete action to let users know that their permissions are being verified to confirm that they have permission to delete a service. Previously, this option was simply grayed out while permission checks were happening.
  • Various security enhancements.

Bug fixes

  • Updating a virtual circuit’s VLAN tags was not working when an interface was untagged.
  • Deleting Azure Cloud Router connections was failing.
  • Update actions were failing for usage-based virtual circuits that had rate limits.
  • Fixed a workflow timeout error for Cloud Router operations.