January 28, 2021 Release Notes

New features

Feature request process

We have added a way for users to view and submit feature requests.

From the portal, go to Support > Contact Us and click Leave feedback:

screenshot of feedback link

From here you can:

  • Submit feature requests.
  • Vote on other users’ feature requests.
  • Comment on other users’ feature requests.
  • See the status of feature requests.

Changes and enhancements

Incremental style updates

The portal will be undergoing periodic UI updates to enhance usability and to match our new style guidelines.

This release features a new font, our updated logo, and brighter colors.

Previously, the portal linked to separate HTML copies of our SLA, MSA, and privacy policy. Going forward, those links will lead to the PDF copies that are available from packetfabric.com.

Total traffic graph interval set to 60 seconds

We updated the traffic graph that displays on the portal homepage to use 60-second intervals. This is more consistent with traffic graphs elsewhere in the portal.

Previously, this graph displayed 300-second intervals.

screenshot of traffic graph

Knowledge base

New pages


  • Port Information: Added notes regarding lags between real-time data and when it appears in the Details and Statistics pages.
  • Cloud Routers: Reorganized and made the TOC expandable and collapsible.
  • BGP Reference: Added a section defining the BGP Status for connections.
Customer request = Indicates changes/features/fixes based on customer feedback.