Create a Hosted AWS Connection


You will be asked for your AWS account number. From the AWS Management Console, click your username in the upper right to open the drop-down menu. From here you can copy your account ID.

Create a connection

  1. Log in to the PacketFabric portal. Select Hosted Cloud from the menu on the left.

  2. From the Hosted Clouds page, click Create Hosted Cloud in the upper right.

    NOTE: Read Only users do not see this action. If you need to create a connection and have Read Only permissions, contact your account administrator.

Complete the following fields:

Select Cloud Provider

Select AWS.

Select Source

Select the source port. The source port is the PacketFabric access port directly connected to your network.

If there is nothing to select, provision a new port.

The AWS on-ramp location. This cannot be changed after it is provisioned.
Select an availability zone.
The zone refers to the physical interconnect diversity between PacketFabric and AWS (e.g. different routers).
Allocating connections within different zones supports redundancy.
The speed you want for your connection.
Amazon account ID
Enter your Amazon account ID.
This allows PacketFabric to send API requests to Amazon on your behalf.
Source VLAN
This is the VLAN ID that faces your source interface (your source network).
You can manually enter the ID or click Next Available. If you click Next Available, we find the highest in-use VLAN ID and increment by one. For example, if the highest in-use ID is 15, this field autopopulates with 16.
NOTE: You cannot specify the VLAN ID facing AWS; it is automatically configured on your behalf. However, this does not affect your ability to use the AWS hosted connection.
NOTE: This field is not available if provisioning a marketplace-to-cloud connection. In that case, the marketplace provider will be expected to specify the VLAN when accepting the connection.
Enter a description for the connection.
This description appears in the Name column when viewing your connections in the AWS portal:

Select a term and the appropriate billing account to associate with this service.

Review your information. When everything is correct, click Place order.

Accept the connection

  1. Sign in to AWS.

  2. From the AWS Management Console, click the Services menu and select Networking & Content Delivery > Direct Connect.


  3. Click Connections.


  4. Locate and select the connection you created in the PacketFabric portal.

  5. Click Accept in the upper right.

    screenshot of the AWS direct connect Accept button

  6. Click Confirm.

Create an AWS virtual interface

You will need to create a virtual interface (VIF) to associate with this connection. For more information, see the following AWS documentation: Amazon - Creating a Virtual Interface

Next steps (marketplace-to-cloud users)

Your connection remains disconnected until the other party accepts your request. Billing does not begin until the other party accepts and your circuit is provisioned.

You can cancel the request or view status under Network > Connection Requests. Click Sent Requests.


For more information, see Connection Requests.