Marketplace Settings

Becoming a marketplace provider

If you want to provide services via the PacketFabric marketplace, complete the following steps:

  1. Provision at least one port so that you are on the PacketFabric network. See Ports.
  2. Use Marketplace > Settings to customize your appearance and visibility (see below).
  3. Use Marketplace > My Services to publish at least one marketplace service. See Marketplace Services.
NOTE: Only Admin users can update marketplace settings and services.


You can customize if and how you appear in the marketplace under Marketplace > Settings.

screenshot of the settings

Routing ID and searchability

Routing ID
The Routing ID is a string you can give to select partners to allow them to find you in the marketplace directory, while still remaining hidden from other PacketFabric users.
For example, if you want to connect with a specific customer in the PacketFabric network, but wish to remain invisible to other customers, you can provide your routing ID instead of making the company searchable. They can use your routing ID to find you when searching the marketplace.
For more information on this, see Visibility in the Marketplace.
Make company visible in the marketplace
This option controls your visibility in the marketplace and/or visibility in API-level searches.
Set the to Displayed to be visible in the marketplace to other users (this will not take effect until after you have published a service).
screenshot of the searchability toggle

Marketplace directory appearance

Admin > Company profile

The following fields on the Company profile page appear in the marketplace directory:

  • Row
    • Field
    • Description
  • Row
    • Company Logo

    • Click Upload File to upload an image file.

      When you are finished, click Update to save your changes.

  • Row
    • Website
    • This appears as a link in your marketplace listing.

screenshot of the listing result next to relevant profile fields

Marketplace > Settings

The following fields are under Marketplace > Settings:

  • Row

    • Field
    • Description
  • Row

    • Displayed Company Name

    • You can use the Displayed Company Name field to specify the name you would like to appear in the marketplace directory.

      If you do not enter a name, the Company Name from your company profile is used.

  • Row

    • Company Description

    • A brief description of who you are or the types of services you are providing.

      To add an inline link, use markdown format [link text](url) or click the link icon.

screenshot of the listing result next to relevant profile fields

Industries and service provider types

These settings are optional and do not currently affect how your company appears in the directory.

However, they may be used with features that are planned for future development work.