August 2, 2021 Release Notes

New features

IPSec VPN connections for PacketFabric Cloud Router

You can now add an IPSec VPN connection to a PacketFabric Cloud Router. This will allow you to connect branch locations, on-premises users, and remote data centers to the PacketFabric Cloud Router quickly and easily.

VPN illustration

For more information, see Site-to-Site VPN for Cloud Router.

Changes and enhancements

User groups

Users can now only be in one permissions group at a time. This is to support future development for group customizations.

When creating a new user, or when editing the groups for an exisiting user, you can no longer select multiple permission groups.

Existing users who are in multiple groups will not be removed from any groups; however the same rules apply in that they are restricted to the permissions at the lowest group level.

Bug fixes

  • A number of small API bugs were fixed with regards to the scheduled ports functionality (introduced in the July 19 release).
  • Incorrect prefixes were allowed when editing BGP session details for Cloud Router.
  • Users were able to set a 10 Gbps capacity for IBM connections, when 5 Gbps is the maximum allowed.
  • Cloud Router configurations were incorrectly restricting /31 broadcast addresses.
  • Disabling a provisioning port would result in a 500 error. Now a proper, descriptive error is returned instead.

Knowledge base

New pages