New portal

The PacketFabric portal has been redesigned and rebuilt.

Aside from the new look and feel, you’ll notice several new features and functionality enhancements.

The search bar anchored to the top of the portal searches against portal pages and actions, your provisioned services, and - most importantly - the knowledge base.

new portal global search

new portal global search

Dark mode

There is now an option for dark mode. By default, we apply the settings used for your OS.

dark mode

dark mode

You can now link to any service page, regardless of type, using the circuit ID and the following format:<circuit_id>

For example, to reach a specific port’s details page, you can use either of the following links:


This works for any circuit ID regardless of service type (virtual circuits, cloud connections, ports, etc.)

In-line maintenance notifications

On service list pages, we now display upcoming maintenance work that might affect the service:

new portal in-line notification

This is additional visibility for maintenance notifications, and does not replace email alerts or the notifications page in the portal.

Anchored navigation menu

In the old portal, the navigation menu on the left was contextual and would only link to pages relative to where you were in the portal.

In the new portal, with the exception of Cloud Router pages, the main navigation menu is always visible. Subpage links are now displayed as tabs within the page.

New portal - Port details page

new portal new port

Old portal - Port details page

old portal new port

Notable navigation changes

Ports page

In the old portal, we used the term “interfaces” and “ports” interchangeably. The new portal is more consistent and uses the term “ports.”

What was the Interfaces page in the old portal is now the Ports page.

Admin pages

The Admin pages are now located under a menu in the upper left:

New portal - Admin pages

admin pages

Old portal - Admin pages

admin pages

Support pages

The support pages are now available by clicking the information icon in the upper right:

New portal - Support pages

support pages

Old portal - Support pages

support pages

Logout action

The Logout action is now in the lower left.

New portal - Logout


Old portal - Logout

support pages

Cloud Router navigation

There is a new navigation menu that appears when viewing Cloud Routers. This allows you to easily navigate between pages within a Cloud Router and its connections.

cloud router nav

The BGP settings page now opens in a modal. When opened from the Cloud Routers list page, you can easily navigate between sessions on different connections.

BGP view

BGP modal

Double click to access details

You can now double-click rows to open the details page for a service. Clicking once still opens the side panel.

double-click action

Partners portal

The Reseller Admin Portal has also been redesigned to match the new look and feel of the customer portal.

It will also now be referred to as the “partners portal.” This is reflected in the docs and the new URL:


Standardized and simplified service provisioning workflows

The service provisioning workflows have been divided into steps, making it easier to navigate and make changes.

The billing section is now easier to understand with all term options laid out visually.

New portal - Create a port

new portal new port

Old portal - Create a port

old portal new port

Throughout the portal, there are now more links to one of the best knowledge bases ever. Some of these links are in tooltips.

links in tooltips

link to knowledge base

Request aliases

Request aliases can no longer be managed through the portal. You can still create and manage request aliases through the API.

Request aliases receive incoming marketplace connection requests. By default, the Admin contact is the request alias for all markets.

Better mobile experience

The new portal is much easier to navigate via mobile.

New portal - Port details in mobile

new portal mobile

Old portal - Port details in mobile

old portal mobile