March 13, 2023 Release Notes

Changes and enhancements

Cloud Router connection upgrades

You can now upgrade the speed for the following Cloud Router connections: AWS (if the connection has an access key associated), Google, dedicated ports, IPSec VPN.

For more information, see Upgrade Cloud Router Connections.

Connection request information

When you click on a received connection request, a side panel will open with information about the request.

Previously, this information was only in the email notification sent with the request.

connection request

Portal layout changes

  • The menu for admin pages had been move the the upper right, and is grouped with the user’s settings. Previously, the admin menu links were in the upper left:

    Admin menu

  • The logout action has also been moved to the menu in the upper right:

    Log out action

  • Where the logout action previously was, you can now find a link to the knowledge base:


  • When creating a new Cloud Router connection, the page on which you can select the connection destination has been redesigned.



  • Improved handling for NAT when provisioning the AWS side of Cloud Router connections.
  • Improved the BGP settings page for Cloud Router connections to Azure. It now lists the PacketFabric ASN as well as the Azure ASN, and has more accurate helper text.
  • We have improved our process for maintenance notifications to ensure that if you provision a service at a site that already has scheduled maintenance, you will get a notification.
  • The following fields have been added to portal searches: po_number and svlan_labels. See Searching in the Portal.

Bug fixes

  • Provision workflows for Colt-powered ports were failing.
  • The portal action to disable BGP for Cloud Router connections to Azure was failing.
  • For Cloud Router connections, the BGP settings page for Azure connections was mislabeling the peering VLAN ID field.
  • When creating a dedicated port Cloud Router connection, the list of available speeds was incorrect for certain device types.
  • Cloud Router connections were being incorrectly marked as deleted even if the delete workflow failed.
  • The portal was not preventing users from creating Hosted cloud connections with speeds exceeding the access port capacity.
  • The portal was displaying NaN% under the Billing step when creating certain services.
  • Document downloads were not working for Partner portal users.
  • When creating quotes in the Partner portal, the form was displaying unsupported speeds for Cloud Router connections to Oracle.
  • When creating a point-to-point connection, the portal should prevent a user from selecting the same POP as the source and destination location.
  • Portal was not distinguishing between Dedicated cloud ports that were part of LAG and those that weren’t.
  • Added a restriction to prevent users from configuring BGP on Cloud Router connections that are not fully provisioned.