March 24, 2022 Release Notes

New features

Quoting tool for resellers and agents

The Reseller Admin portal now includes a Quoting page:

Quote page

From here you can build quotes that you can download as PDF or CSV.

New quote

For more information, see Quoting.

Changes and enhancements

Delete notifications for marketplace providers

Only the A side is allowed to delete marketplace virtual circuits. Previously, we did not notify the Z side when this occured. Starting with this release, the Z side will receive an automated notification when the A side deletes a circuit.

Usability improvements to Cloud Router pages

  • Display the VLAN attachment name when viewing the details for a Google cloud connection.
  • Display the BGP status next to a connection when viewing the connection list on a Cloud Router details page.
  • Display a loading icon when switching between the Recieved and Advertised tabs on the Routes page.
  • After submitting changes for a connection’s BGP session, redirect the user to the connection details page rather than the Cloud Router details page.
  • Add the Delete action to connection details pages, similar to other details pages throughout the portal.

Usability improvements when configuring BGP for Cloud Router connections to Azure

  • We now display both the primary and secondary subnets at all times. Even though a connection will only use one subnet at a time, not showing both was creating confusion for customers.
  • Similarly, when editing a BGP session you can now update both subnets, regardless of which one is in use.
  • Clearly differentiate which subnet is in use.

Bug fixes

  • A 404 error was causing issues when deleting point-to-point connections.
  • Certain conditions were causing the portal to enter a status check loop, resulting in multiple page refreshes.
  • Improved the Delete Virtual Connection dialog window to remove confusing information.
  • Added a restriction to prevent users from using more than 150 characters when naming a Cloud Router.
  • The SR4 optic option was missing from 40 and 100 Gbps ports.