Flex Bandwidth

Flex bandwidth allows you to purchase capacity at a bulk discount. You can then use this capacity to provision virtual circuits.

Create and manage flex bandwidth containers under Billing in the portal.

flex bandwidth page

Using your flex bandwidth

To use your flex bandwidth, simply select the Flex Bandwidth option when creating a virtual circuit.

You will be prompted to select which flex bandwidth container to use.


Aside from the discounted bandwidth price, note the following when using flex bandwidth for virtual circuits:

  • You are not charged for the virtual circuit. You are already paying for it via the flex bandwidth container.
  • You can upgrade and downgrade capacity for the virtual circuit at any time (in most other cases we do not allow capacity downgrades).
  • You can cancel (delete) the virtual circuit at any time, as it does not have a service term.


  • You can only use flex bandwidth for long-haul virtual circuits. These can be backbone virtual circuits, marketplace virtual circuits (excluding marketplace to cloud connections), or IX virtual circuits. It cannot be used for ports, point-to-point, or cloud services.
  • You can only use flex bandwidth for long-haul virtual circuits that have both the A and Z side in North America.
  • Flex bandwidth is not available to customers who signed up through a PacketFabric reseller.
  • We do not offer partial billing on flex bandwidth that you do not use. For example, if you order a 50Gbps container but only use 25Gbps, you are still billed for the full 50Gbps capacity.

Create a flex bandwidth container

From the flex bandwidth page, select Create Flex Bandwidth in the upper right.

From here you can provide a name, select a capacity, select a term, and select a billing account.

Upgrade a flex bandwidth container

Once created, you can use the Upgrade action to add more capacity to the flex bandwidth container.

Note that you cannot downgrade capacity.

Delete a flex bandwidth container

Before you can delete a flex bandwidth container, you must remove all the virtual circuits that are using capacity. You can view a list of which virtual circuits from the Billing > Flex Bandwidth table.

expanded flex bandwidth

Once all virtual circuits have been removed, click the flex bandwidth table row to open its side panel. Then click Delete.

delete container