Cross Connects Overview

The cross connect is the physical fiber connection within a colocation facility between your equipment and PacketFabric. Each cross connect typically includes a connection fee, a monthly recurring fee, and a disconnection fee. These vary depending on the site.

There are two ways you can handle the cross connect setup:

Customer Outbound/PacketFabric Inbound
  • PacketFabric provides you with an LOA/CFA authorizing the connection.
  • You contact the data center to request the cross connect.
  • You pay all cross connect fees directly to the provider (the data center).
  • When you terminate service, you are responsible for ensuring the cross connect is disconnected.
Customer Inbound/PacketFabric Outbound
  • You provide PacketFabric with an LOA/CFA authorizing us to make the connection.
  • We are responsible for working with the provider to ensure the connection is installed.
  • You pay all cross connect fees to PacketFabric.
  • When you terminate service, we manage the disconnection process.


  • You can only order a PacketFabric outbound cross connect if your equipment is already in the same POP as PacketFabric. We cannot accept an LOA that names a third party.
  • PacketFabric outbound cross connects are not offered at all locations.

Services that require cross connects

  • All access ports and members of LAGs.

  • The ports on both sides of a point-to-point connection. (These can be a combination of outbound and inbound.)

  • Dedicated cloud connections (between the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and PacketFabric).

    For these, the CSP provides you with an LOA in PacketFabric’s name, and we manage the installation from there.