May 25, 2023 Release Notes

New features

PacketFabric Quick Connect

Quick Connect allows you to exchange routes between Cloud Routers. This means that you can import a provider’s routes into an existing Cloud Router connection.

When you create a new Cloud Router connection, you will now see the Quick Connect providers listed as options:

Quick connect

For more information, see Quick Connect and Blog post - Democratizing Infrastructure Access with PacketFabric Quick Connect.

Public IP address allocation for SNAT

There is a new option for Cloud Router connections to allocate a public IP address for SNAT connections.

SNAT toggle

Cloud Router map view

The Cloud Routers page has a new Map view option. This displays your Cloud Router connections geographically.

Note that the Cloud Router icon is placed dynamically to be equidistant between the connections.

Map view

Changes and enhancements

Trial period and service cancellation

We have changed how we calculate Early Termination Liability (ETL) fees when you cancel an in-term service. This includes adding an ETL for month-to-month services and lowering the ETL for extended (12+ month) contracts.

We have also added an hourly charge during the trial period (the first 24 hours after you place an order). For more information, see Cancel a Service.

Because of this change, you will see more ETL acknowledgements when deleting services through the portal.


  • We’ve improved the UI around indicating a cloud on-ramp’s availability, clearly delineating between locations that offer instant provisioning and ones that require a lead time. See Requesting Hosted locations.

    Up to 2 weeks message

  • We added a More Details section in the slide out panel for services. This has links to all details pages:

    More details

  • There is now an Active Cloud Router Connections table available from the ports details page. This will display any Cloud Router connections landing on the port.

Bug fixes

  • When provisioning a dedicated cloud port connection on a Cloud Router, the portal was displaying some values specific to hosted cloud connections.
  • Fixed some styling inconsistencies for some buttons throughout the portal.
  • Fixed the button name in Upgrade windows to say “Upgrade” instead of “Update.”