Port Details

To view an overview of port details, select Ports in the menu on the left. Click the port to open a side panel with basic information.

To view complete details, select Details overview.

screenshot of the port actions menu

TIP: You can also double-click the connection to open its details page.


PacketFabric status

Administrative status

Operational status

Device and media

Cross connect

Active Cloud Router Connections

Active Virtual Circuits

Disabled cross connects


The statistics page presents graphical information on traffic, errors, and optics.

By default, you are shown metrics over the past 12 hours. You can use the drop-down menus to select a different time frame, or select Custom to specify a date and time range.

NOTE: There is approximately a 5 minute lag between statistic events and when they appear in the portal or through the API.

Traffic metrics

Error metrics

Optic metrics

Router logs

The information that is logged varies depending on the device. Common log messages are SNMP_TRAP_LINK_UP and SNMP_TRAP_LINK_DOWN, which are logged when an interface changes state.

Any optical light level warnings or alarms are also logged here.


The History page shows event logs specific to the interface.

Events that are logged include the following:

  • When the interface was created
  • Disable and enable actions
  • Any changes to the port name

Click Toggle Details to view more information about the event.



From here you can find and download the LOA and any service orders.

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