Marketplace Services

To appear in the marketplace directory, the following conditions must be met:

  • You have enabled visibility from Marketplace > Settings.

  • You have at least one published marketplace service.

For more information on visibility, see Visibility in the Marketplace.

Once a marketplace service is created, you can change whether the service is published and open to connect requests. When publishing is disabled, the service is hidden from all users.

Create a marketplace service

NOTE: Only Admin users can create a marketplace service.

Go to Marketplace > My Services and click Create Service in the upper right.

Complete the following fields:

Source Port

Select one or more ports. When a user requests a connection to this marketplace service, they will be able to request a location (you will determine the specific port when provisioning the connection request).

Service Details
Service name
Enter a name for your service.
Enter a SKU identifier for the service. This is not shown to the A side user.
Enter a description for the service. This is displayed to the A side user when they are selecting services from your marketplace listing.
Select Categories


Select one or more categories. These categories appear as filtering options when browsing the marketplace.

Click Create Marketplace Service.

Ensure that the Published toggle is enabled. If not published, the service is not available for marketplace users to select.

NOTE: You must have at least one published service before your company appears in the marketplace.

Manage marketplace services

NOTE: Only Admin users can edit or delete a marketplace service.

edit a marketplace service

Edit a service

Click the edit icon next to the service.

From here you can change details or remove visibility to the service by unpublishing it.

Delete a service

You cannot delete a service that has pending requests.

If you delete a service that has virtual circuits provisioned to customers, the virtual circuits are not affected.