Provision a Marketplace Connection Request via the API

Before you begin

Ensure you have a bearer token authorizing all your API calls. For information on authorizing calls, see one of the following pages:

API reference

Parameters and attributes

To provision a marketplace connection, you will need the following information:

  • Header row
    • Parameter
    • Required
    • Description
  • Row 1
    • vc_request_uuid
    • Yes (parameter)
    • The ID of the connection request. You can get the request ID from
  • Row 1
    • interface
    • Yes
    • Specify the A and Z sides of the connection. (See below)
  • Row 1
    • description
    • No
    • Brief description of the connection.

Enter the following information about the port on which you want the connection to land.

  • Header row
    • Parameter
    • Required
    • Description
  • Row 1
    • port_circuit_id
    • Yes
    • The circuit ID of the port you want to accept and provision the connection on. You can find this in the portal or you can use to get a list of your ports.
  • Row 1
    • vlan
    • Yes, unless untagged
    • Valid VLAN range is from 4-4094, inclusive. You must provide a VLAN unless untagged is set to true.
  • Row 1
    • svlan
    • Maybe
    • Valid S-VLAN range is from 4-4094, inclusive. This is only applicable to virtual circuits provisioned on ENNI ports.
  • Row 1
    • untagged
    • No
    • Whether or not the interface should be untagged. The default is false. For information on untagged VLAN scenarios, see VLAN Tagging.

Get request information

Use the following GET call to find information about incoming connection requests:

The response should look similar to the following. You will want to note the vc_request_uuid and market:

        "vc_request_uuid": "1b074b22-0a81-4189-a05c-12bdbd964728",
        "from_customer": {
            "customer_uuid": "9972df99-3a8e-44f0-87e1-51a3005d913b",
            "name": "Evil KB Docs",
            "market": "NYC",
            "market_description": "New York City",
            "contact_first_name": "Caitlin",
            "contact_last_name": "McGoodwriter",
            "contact_email": "",
            "contact_phone": "1234567890"
        "to_customer": {
            "customer_uuid": "5ea91f45-4325-4503-8d7d-1eb5f075be97",
            "name": "Knowledge Base Documents",
            "market": "CHI",
            "market_description": "Chicago"
        "text": "Evil KB Docs is requesting an EVPL connection in CHI.",
        "status": "pending",
        "vc_mode": "evpl",
        "request_type": "marketplace",
        "bandwidth": {
            "account_uuid": "b2af000f-d15f-4413-9645-6f566e641c29",
            "longhaul_type": "dedicated",
            "subscription_term": 1,
            "speed": "50Mbps"
        "time_created": "2022-07-06T11:17:03.623071-0600",
        "time_updated": "2022-07-06T11:17:03.623071-0600",
        "allow_untagged_z": true

Get port circuit ID

You will need a circuit ID for the port on which you will provision the connection. You can filter the port list for the market that the user requested.

In the example above, the user requested a connection in the Chicago market, so you could use the following GET call to view all your port options in Chicago:

From the response, note the port_circuit_id you want to use.

Provision the connection