January 4, 2023 Release Notes

New features

Support for destination NAT on Cloud Router connections

You can now configure DNAT for Cloud Router connections. Previously, we only supported SNAT (source NAT).


Changes and enhancements

Field searches

The new portal includes a global search action, which returns results from your provisioned services, portal pages, and the knowledge base.

Starting with this release, you can perform detailed searches against certain fields within your provisioned services. For more information, see Searching in the Portal.

Field search

Purchase order field

There is a new field on service order forms where you can specify a purchase order (PO) number:

PO number field


  • Added support for system-wide maintenance notifications, and improved how we handle maintenance notifications for new services.

  • Added a search field to the Connections list on a Cloud Router details page.

    filter connections

  • Improved GET /cloud-routers/{{circuit_id}}/connections to include name and asn.

  • There is a new latency metrics page available from the PacketFabric website: https://packetfabric.com/latency-metrics

Bug fixes

  • In some instances, the wrong start date was set after renewing a service.
  • Improved the de-allocation process for public IPs after Cloud Router connections are deleted.
  • Users were unable to successfully create multiple BGP sessions for dedicated port Cloud Router connections.
  • Updating an ENNI virtual circuit with an SVLAN tag, where it previously did not have one, caused a TypeError.
  • Updating Colt-to-Colt virtual circuits were failing due to missing constraint.
  • The virtual circuit API was accepting a null value VLAN tagging, causing issues.
  • The API response message after creating a dedicated port Cloud Router connection was missing the source VLAN value.
  • When creating a Technical contact, we require a phone number. This requirement was missing from the API documentation.
  • The API documents had an invalid prefix value given with some examples.
  • Fixed some issues with per-prefix configuration of Cloud Router BGP sessions.