April 17, 2024 Release Notes

New features

Configure email alerts

There is a new Alerts page available from your Account Settings:

Screenshot of Alerts action

From here you can set up notifications for certain actions. For more information, see Alerts.

Changes and enhancements

You can now edit the description for virtual circuits that are part of point-to-point connections.

Screenshot of Edit action

Bug fixes

  • Some BGP-related API calls were returning a 500 error.
  • When viewing information about received BGP routes, some text was not visible when viewing the page in dark mode.
  • A warning that appeared when provisioning a connection request was difficult to read when viewing the page in light mode.
  • When upgrading a dedicated cloud connection, some options were not clickable.
  • The Renew action was displaying for member ports in a dedicated cloud LAG, when renewal should be performed at the dedicated connection level.
  • The response to the API request for provisioning a virtual circuit contained an attribute specific to Cloud Routers.
  • When disabling SNAT for Cloud Router connections, an irrelevant prefix was removed. This resulted in errors.