November 16, 2023 Release Notes

New features

Request last mile quote through Unitas Nexus

There is a new Quote Last Mile action available for ports. When selected, you are redirected to the Unitas Nexus platform. From here you can request quotes for last mile access lines.

last mile option

Changes and enhancements

Extended contract lengths for Hosted cloud connections

Previously, Hosted cloud connections were only available as month-to-month contracts.

Now, you can select contract lengths of 1 month, 12 months, 24 months, or 36 months. For pricing information, see Pricing.

hosted connection billing options

Bug fixes

  • An error would occur when a user would delete a Cloud Router connection while it was still provisioning.
  • A race condition would occur when provisioning Cloud Router connections to marketplace services if a certain variable was set.
  • The provisioning workflow for Azure ExpressRoute connections was not waiting for certain tasks to complete before updating the provisioning status.
  • When downloading a CSV of PacketFabric locations, Dedicated cloud on-ramps IBM were not included.