Create a Cloud Router

  1. From Network > Cloud Routers, click Create Cloud Router in the upper right.

  2. Enter a name for your Cloud Router.

  3. Enter the PacketFabric public ASN or a private ASN.

    • Public: 4556
    • Private: 64512 to 65534

    If you are adding Microsoft Azure or IBM Cloud connections to this router, see PacketFabric-side ASNs for information about reserved ASNs.

    IMPORTANT: Once the Cloud Router provisions, you cannot change the ASN.
  4. Select the regions in which you will be adding connections. At this time, you can select North America and EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa). If you are planning to have transregional connections, select both.

    For example, if you have Cloud Router connections in Chicago and Atlanta, you can select North America. If you have connections in London and Amsterdam, select EMEA. If you want to use a Cloud Router to route traffic between a connection in London and Chicago, then you will need to select both regions.

    You can change this setting later.

  5. Select the Cloud Router capacity. For example, if you expect to provision three 10 Gbps connections, then you should set the capacity to at least 30 Gbps.

    The capacity can be modified at any time. If you end up needing fewer connections, you can downgrade capacity; if you end up wanting more, you can upgrade.

    For more information on available capacities and pricing, see PacketFabric Pricing.

  6. Select a billing account.

  7. Click Place Order.

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