Billing for Partners



Under Billing > Invoices, you can find invoices in PDF and CSV format. The invoices are for services ordered by your customers.

The CSV has additional details that you can use to complete send out your own invoices to customers.


Your customers do not receive invoices from PacketFabric, and will never pay PacketFabric. You will need to include PacketFabric services on your invoices to customers.



Unless otherwise arranged with your PacketFabric partner manager, you (and your customers) are charged standard PacketFabric prices.

Any discounts must be pre-arranged with your PacketFabric partner manager. At which point, they will appear on your invoices. Customers will not see discounted prices when they order services.


At this time, all prices that customers see are the PacketFabric prices.

Billing accounts


Default account

This is the billing account you set up when creating your PacketFabric account. You cannot delete the default account or change default accounts. However, you can edit its information.

Additional billing accounts

You can add more billing accounts as necessary. For more information, see Billing accounts.


Billing information for customers is managed as part of your relationship with them. We do not save any customer billing information, and the Billing tab is hidden to customers when viewing the portal.