Requirements and Feature Support


  • A PacketFabric account.
  • Two or more cloud environments OR customer ports between which you would like to route traffic.

Features and technical notes

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    • Supported cloud connections
    • AWS Direct Connect - Hosted
      Google Cloud Partner Interconnect (Hosted)
      Azure ExpressRoute
      IBM Direct Link
      Oracle FastConnect Partner
      AWS Direct Connect - Dedicated
      Google Cloud Dedicated Interconnect
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    • Cloud on-ramp locations
    • All PacketFabric cloud on-ramps. See our website for more information.
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    • Pricing
    • You are charged a flat fee for the Cloud Router, and then an additional fee for each connection based on capacity. For more information, see our Cloud Router page.
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    • Cloud connections per Cloud Router
    • There are no limits set at this time.
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    • Capacity per connection

    • The capacities available depend on what the cloud provider allows. Generally, you can create the following connections:

      50 Mbps
      100 Mbps
      200 Mbps
      300 Mbps
      400 Mbps
      500 Mbps
      1 Gbps
      2 Gbps
      5 Gbps
      10 Gbps
      100 Gbps (Dedicated and access port connections)

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    • Prefixes per connection
    • 1000 in/1000 out
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    • Route prioritization
    • ASN prepend (incoming prefix list)
      MED (incoming prefix list)
      Local preference (outgoing prefix list)
      Prefix-by-prefix prioritization
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    • Routing
    • BGP
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    • IP addresses
    • IPv4 private addresses
      IPv4 public addresses to use with AWS and Azure
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    • ASN
    • PacketFabric public ASN 4556
      2-byte private ASNs 64512 to 65534
      4-byte ASNs

= Not currently supported, but planned in upcoming releases.