Requirements and Feature Support


  • A PacketFabric account.
  • Two or more cloud environments OR customer ports between which you would like to route traffic.

Features and technical notes

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    • Field
    • Description
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    • Supported cloud connections
    • AWS Direct Connect - Hosted
      Google Cloud Partner Interconnect (Hosted)
      Azure ExpressRoute
      IBM Direct Link
      Oracle FastConnect Partner
      AWS Direct Connect - Dedicated
      Google Cloud Dedicated Interconnect
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    • Cloud on-ramp locations
    • All PacketFabric cloud on-ramps. See our website for more information.
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    • Cloud Router regions
    • North America
      EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa)
      Transregional (both EMEA and North America)
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    • Pricing

    • The base, monthly price for the Cloud Router is determined by region and capacity.

      You are charged an additional fee for each connection, which is also based on region and capacity. For more information, see our pricing page.

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    • Connections per Cloud Router
    • There are no limits set at this time.
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    • Cloud Router capacity tiers

    • You set the capacity when creating the Cloud Router, but can modify it at any time:

      100 Mbps
      500 Mbps
      1 Gbps
      2 Gbps
      5 Gbps
      10 Gbps
      20 Gbps
      30 Gbps
      40 Gbps
      50 Gbps
      60 Gbps
      80 Gbps
      100 Gbps
      100+ Gbps

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    • Capacity per connection

    • The capacities available depend on what the cloud provider allows. Generally, you can create the following connections:

      50 Mbps
      100 Mbps
      200 Mbps
      300 Mbps
      400 Mbps
      500 Mbps
      1 Gbps
      2 Gbps
      5 Gbps
      10 Gbps
      100 Gbps (Dedicated and access port connections)

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    • Prefixes per connection
    • 1000 in/1000 out (private IP)
      7500 in/7500 out (public IP)
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    • Route prioritization
    • ASN prepend (incoming prefix list)
      MED (incoming prefix list)
      Local preference (outgoing prefix list)
      Prefix-by-prefix prioritization
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    • Routing and BGP configuration
    • BGP
      Source NAT
      Destination NAT
      Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD)
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    • IP addresses
    • IPv4 private addresses
      IPv4 public addresses to use with AWS and Azure
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    • ASN
    • PacketFabric public ASN 4556
      2-byte and 4-byte ASNs

= Not currently supported, but planned in upcoming releases.