November 4, 2021 Release Notes

Changes and enhancements

Early termination process for Dedicated cloud ports

Up until now, you could only use the portal and API to delete a Dedicated cloud port if it was on a month-to-month contract. Otherwise, you would need to work with your Implementation and Service Delivery Coordinator.

This release introduces a process that allows you to delete in-term Dedicated cloud ports. You will be required to pay the remaining balance on your contract, prorated to the day:

screenshot of delete

Show groups in user list

When you go to the Admin > Users page, you will now see the user’s group listed:

screenshot of users list with groups highlighted


  • Added a terms & conditions acceptance statement to the portal login page.
  • We are now preventing new customer signups if they use an email address from a free email service.
  • Improved the message that a user sees when requesting a password reset.
  • Improved the user drop-down menu in the upper right to remove a non-clickable menu item.
  • Improved the early termination confirmation window to no longer require that users enter a value when the fee is $0.
  • Added a copy action for the MFA one-time use codes.
  • Added 5 and 15 minute shorcuts to statistical graphs.

Bug fixes

  • Cloud Router: Error was thrown when configuring a connection between a NAT device and a non-NAT device.
  • Cloud Router: NAT connections were not working for dedicated ports that are outside the U.S.
  • JavaScript errors thrown on cloud connection list pages in the portal.
  • Statistic metrics graphs were not considering daylight savings time.
  • The ‘expand’ action was appearing next to log entries regardless of whether they had more information to show.
  • Portal was calling the metrics API endpoint for inactive virtual circuits.
  • The Pending Invites table was breaking when users attempted to sort by column.