Reseller Admin Portal Overview

As a PacketFabric reseller, you can use the Reseller Admin Portal to view and manage customers.


The dashboard provides an at-a-glance overview of services purchased by your customers.

In the top right, you can find the MRR (monthly recurring revenue) for the current month:

Screenshot of mrr

NOTE: The MRR only includes services that are being billed. Services such as access ports do not begin billing right away, and therefore are not immediately included in the MRR.

And below, you can find graphs representing sales data. The information displayed reflects the selected date range:

Screenshot of dashboard graphs

NOTE: Again, these graphs and numbers only include services that are billed. To include newly ordered ports, you will need to set the end date to at least 15 days after the port was ordered.


From here you can view, create, and download pricing quotes.

For more information, see Quoting.


From here you can invite customers, resend invites, and log in to customer accounts to manage services on their behalf.

For more information, see Invite Customers and Manage Customers.


From here you can download invoices and add/manage billing accounts. For more information, see Billing for Resellers.


Here you can find documents for your account such as the MSA and all reseller agreements. To view documents generated by your customers (LOAs, SOFs, etc.), use the Customers page to log in to their accounts.


Use the Admin tab to set up the contact information that your customers will see. From here you can also manage users and other account settings.

For more information, see Reseller Portal Administration.