October 6, 2020 Release Notes

New features

PacketFabric Cloud Router

We completed our initial beta version of a cloud-to-cloud router. This is only available to select users at this time. Documentation will be released when the service is visible in our portal.

If you are interested in getting more information, or would like to be a beta user, contact your sales representative.

Export activity logs to CSV Customer request

An Export to CSV action is now available from the Logging and History pages in the portal:

Screenshot of csv action

NOTE: Only the log entries that are displayed on the page are exported. You can display up to 100 entries at a time, which means the maximum number of entries you can export is 100.

Changes and enhancements

  • Removed superfluous wording from action menus.
  • Repositioned breadcrumb links across the portal.
  • Display zone information for LAG interfaces. Customer request
  • Additional metadata included in activity log entries. Customer request
  • Searching “London” against our location list now also includes our Slough sites.
  • Replaced “City” with “Market” in our location list. This makes it easier to find sites within a metro.
  • Faster searches for port locations within the portal.

Bug fixes

This release fixes the following bugs and errors:

  • Missing pagination buttons from the Interfaces page.
  • LAG showing as active while still provisioning.
  • Some dedicated cloud ports incorrectly appear as selectable for LAG members.
  • Canceling a hosted cloud connection takes you to the dedicated cloud connections page.
  • “Port not found” error appears after deleting the port.
  • Only allow VLAN IDs from 4 to 4094.
  • Generated LOAs not appearing in the point-to-point Documents page. Customer report
  • Missing cents in prices on the PacketFabric website pricing estimator tool. Customer report

Knowledge base

The following updates are in addition to documentation updates related to the new features and changes in this release.

New pages


Customer request = Indicates changes done based on customer feedback.