January 13, 2021 Release Notes

Changes and enhancements

Improved point-to-point cross connect order forms

Our first implementation for cross connect ordering consisted of two upload buttons at the bottom of the point-to-point connection order form. This led to some confusion, as some users assumed those were required actions.

The new order form will ask users if they want to order a cross connect for each port. The Upload action does not appear unless you select Yes:

outbound cross connect LOA upload

For more information, see Cross Connects.

Improved navigation consistency

The Network navigation links have been moved to a side panel:

New network navigation

This is more consistent with page navigation elsewhere in the portal. The new navigation also includes the following:

  • Marketplace is now a top-level menu item outside of Network.
  • The number of active services is listed after each type.

Standardized add and create buttons

We have replaced the “Create” icon and will now use buttons labeled with the action name. This change has not yet been extended to the Admin pages.

New create buttons

We did this because many of us passionately believe that the old icon was ugly.

API and logging

  • Date and time parameters added to the maintenances/notifications API call.
  • Added some clarity to activity log entries by labeling port terms, when applicable. Previously the terms just appeared as a trailing number after capacity.
  • Added API-level pagination and sorting to some services list, allowing for faster load times in the portal.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an error in which AWS dedicated cloud connections were incorrectly requiring an LOA.
  • Users were able to request cross connects on LAG interfaces via the API. This has been disallowed.
  • Transregional fees were not reflected in the billing section of order forms.
  • A cache issue was causing inaccurate counters on the services dashboard.
  • Fixed a bug in which pagination on logging pages broke after setting certain filters.
Customer request = Indicates changes done based on customer feedback.