Open a Support Ticket

If you need help or have any issues with PacketFabric, you can open a support ticket by emailing

Before contacting support, check the following:

  • Maintenance Notifications - scheduled and emergency maintenance may briefly disrupt your service.
  • Your interface for errors, drops, low light levels on your side and PacketFabric side (via the portal).

To open a support case:

  1. Open an email message addressed to

  2. For the subject, provide a brief topic and your Circuit ID, if possible.

    • Physical port circuit ID’s begin with ‘PF-AP-’.
    • LAGs/bundles of interfaces begin with ‘PF-AE-’.
    • Virtual circuits begin with ‘PF-’ followed by the circuit type and the two metros it participates in, e.g. PF-CC-CHI-WDC-00000.

Include the following details in the message:

  • Contact Info:
    • Company name.
    • Your contact info.
    • Telephone number.
    • Email address.
    • Best hours to contact you, including time zone.

Also include the following depending on the issue type:

Send the message, which creates a support ticket. You will receive an acknowledgment email with the SUP ticket number right away, followed by an email or phone call from a support engineer with specific troubleshooting and solution help within a short time.

Please refer to the ticket number in any follow-up contacts to support.