July 20, 2023 Release Notes

Changes and enhancements

Extended contract lengths for Cloud Routers and Cloud Router connections

Previously, Cloud Routers and Cloud Router connections were only available as month-to-month contracts.

Now, you can select contract lengths of 1 month, 12 months, 24 months, or 36 months. For pricing information, see Pricing.

Screenshot of the Cloud Router billing page


There is new message next to non-core port locations.

Non core tooltip message

Bug fixes

  • The portal was not displaying the full list of available AWS on-ramps.
  • Fixed an issue where a misapplied constraint was causing some ports to be hidden in the portal.
  • Users were not prevented from downgrading Cloud Router capacity to below the total connection speed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Scheduled Orders link on the ports page was not visible.
  • Added validation for PUT /v2/services/cloud-routers/{circuit_id}/connections/{cloud_connection_circuit_id}/bgp
  • Fixed an issue that could create a race condition when deleting LAGs.
  • Marketplace search was not working properly.
  • Tooltips were disappearing before users to click links within the tooltip text.
  • The number of Quick Connect connection requests was not displaying properly in the sidebar.
  • When provisioning a Quick Connect connection from the client side, users will now be prevented from specifying orlonger as the return route.
  • Duplicate availability zones were displaying.
  • Some zones were not being properly displaying in the point-to-point connections list.
  • When updating BGP settings for a disabled BGP connection, BGP was automatically re-enabled.