API Keys

When building automated solutions, you can use API keys as an alternative to user tokens.

To create and manage API keys, click your username in the upper right and select API keys.

Screenshot of My Account option in user menu

To create a key, click Add API key.

Provide a meaningful name for the key and, optionally, an expiration term for it. If you leave the expiration field empty, the key does not expire.

API key create window

Useful expiration lengths in seconds:

  • One day: 86400
  • One week: 608400
  • One month: 2595600
  • Three months: 7952400
  • One year: 31536000

Once you create the key, you will only have one chance to copy it.

API key copy window


  • Any running scripts that are authenticated through your API keys are not listed under your user sessions.
  • A key is enabled until you delete it or it expires.
  • Keys are compatible with SSO and multi-factor authentication.

API Keys