VLAN Tagging

NOTE: A “VLAN tag” is also known as a “VLAN ID.” The terms are used interchangeably below.

Tagged and untagged virtual circuits

Tagged virtual circuit

A “tagged” virtual circuit is a virtual circuit with a VLAN ID greater than or equal to 1.

Because PacketFabric reserves tags 1-3, your virtual circuit VLAN IDs will be greater than or equal to 4 (our allowed VLAN ID range is 4-4094, inclusive).

Untagged virtual circuit

To create an untagged virtual circuit in the portal, you toggle the Make untagged option:

Animated gif of the untagged toggle

TIP: A workaround for VLAN tagging rules is to create an EPL virtual circuit. To do this, expand Advanced Configuration Options when creating the virtual circuit, and select EPL. Note that this might restrict how many virtual circuits you can have on a port, depending on whether the port is an ENNI.

With an EPL virtual circuit, you can leave both sides untagged.

Tagging and building connections

In the PacketFabric network, EVPL virtual circuits follow these rules with regards to tagging:

  • Tagged-to-tagged circuit connections are always allowed.

  • Untagged-to-untagged circuit connections are never allowed.

  • Tagged-to-untagged circuit connections are usually allowed (see the note below).

  • You can only have one untagged circuit connection per port.

    NOTE: Not all EFR devices allow untagged circuits. Contact support@packetfabric.com if you want to know the tagging capabilities of your specific device.

    You can check whether a port is on an EFR or CFR device from the port Details page. The device name should start with efr or cfr:

    Screenshot of the port device information

allowed vcs

Managing VLAN tags/IDs

You can edit the VLAN ID by editing the virtual circuit.

Edit VC