March 20, 2024 Release Notes

Changes and enhancements

  • Added UTC timestamps to the activity log in order to assist debugging.
  • Added document validation to the outbound cross connect API call.
  • When selecting the orlonger option when configuring BGP for connections to AWS, users will now see a warning regarding the AWS default max prefix allowance.

Bug fixes

  • The Delete action was missing from the marketplace connection requests page for sent requests that are still in the Pending state. This action is supported per the API, but was not available in the portal.
  • The documentation for GET /v2/billing/pricing included an invalid speed filter.
  • Added missing validation checks when deleting Cloud Router prefixes.
  • The portal was not automatically refreshing after deprovisioning a port, causing user confusion.
  • When multiple availability zones were present, the list was overlapping with the Billing section in the user interface rather than wrapping.
  • After creating a new billing contact while ordering a service, users had to reselect the contact before proceeding. This was an unnecessary step.
  • Added validation to ensure the MD5 field is required when configuring BGP for AWS connections.