Internet Exchange (IX) Account Setup

NOTE: Before you begin, you should have already spoken with a PacketFabric partner manager and established the markets/sites from which you will be providing connections. If you haven’t arranged these details, email

1. Create a PacketFabric account.

Before you can log in, your account is manually reviewed and then approved by the PacketFabric team. You should receive approval within 24 hours.

2. Provision a port and install a cross connect.

Order a port at each site for which you will be providing services.

The port should support the initial capacity and number of connections you are willing to host. For example, if you are offering 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps connections, and you order a 40 Gbps port, you will be able to accept between four (4 x 10 Gbps) and forty (40 x 1 Gbps) connections.

Once provisioned, you can then generate an LOA and handle the cross connect installation yourself, or you can have us manage it. For more information, see Cross Connects.

3. Convert your account to an Internet Exchange account.

Contact your PacketFabric partner manager and request to have your account converted from a standard customer account.

Once this has been completed, you will have access to configuration settings that allow you to specify your prices and capacities.

NOTE: If you are also planning to use standard PacketFabric services, you need to create a separate account and provision those separately. This account should be reserved for managing connection requests from other users.

4. Complete your IX Configuration information.

Once your account is converted, you will have access to the Admin > IX Configuration page.

Complete the following information:

Order Completion Method

This determines what happens when a customer completes an order for the virtual circuit:

  • Via Redirect URL - The customer is redirected to the URL provided.

    You can optionally use the vc_request_id parameter to include the virtual circuit request ID in the URL (for example,{{vc_request_uuid}}).

    You can then use the request ID to automate and validate connection requests through PacketFabric. For more information, see VC Requests.

    Note that if you intend to programmatically handle requests, you can ask your PacketFabric partner manager about getting a development environment set up.

  • Via Email - You will be sent an email to the address provided. This is separate from the email you will receive notifying you to accept or reject the connection request.

The following is a sample of the information included in the email:

Vandelay Industries is requesting an EVPL connection in LAX.

Customer Details:

- Contact Name: Art Vandelay

- Contact Email:

- Contact Phone: 6477782787

- Customer Name: Vandelay Industries

- ASN: 4556

Connection Details:

- Colo Name: QuadraNet

- Colo Address:
530 W 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Review Request:

Pricing URL

If you have a public-facing page with pricing details, provide the URL. This appears as a link in the order form after a user has selected their capacity.

Pricing Tiers

This is where you define the capacity options and prices from which a customer can select.

At a minimum, you must include the details for connection speeds.

Next steps

When a customer completes an order, you will receive a connection request that you can approve/provision or reject. For more information, see Connection Requests.