October 31, 2022 Release Notes

Changes and enhancements

Expanded Hosted cloud locations for AWS, Google, and IBM

You can now order Hosted cloud connections at any location in which both PacketFabric and the cloud service provider are present. At this time, this only applies to Google Cloud Platform, IBM, and AWS.

Locations in which we do not have a Hosted port already provisioned are delineated by a note about longer lead times:

Up to 2 weeks message

Once requested, you can track the on-ramp progress via the portal:

On ramp status

For more information, see Cloud On-Ramps.

Flex bandwidth

Aggregate capacity was introduced in the July 25th release. This feature has been renamed “flex bandwidth.” The portal and the documentation have been updated accordingly.

Changes and enhancements

  • Updated the terms and conditions.
  • Added q parameter (pagination) to GET /v2/documents.
  • Updated the API documentation around BGP sessions to more accurately reflect what is and isn’t required.

Bug fixes

  • In some scenarios, users were unable to upgrade from an hourly virtual circuit to a longhaul dedicated virtual circuit.
  • The GET calls /v2/services/cloud-routers/{circuit_id}/connections/{cloud_connection_circuit_id} and /v2/services/cloud-routers/{circuit_id}/connections should show the BGP state as disabled when it has been disabled.