July 12, 2020 Release Notes

New features

PacketFabric marketplace (Beta)

The marketplace makes it easier to search for and identify other network members who are willing to accept virtual circuit connection requests.

You can view the marketplace from Network > Marketplace > Browse:

Screenshot of the marketplace drop-down menu

For more information, see Browse the Marketplace.

Marketplace visibility controls

By default, your company account does not appear in the marketplace directory. To help customize if and how you should be included, we have added new options to the company administration pages in the portal:

screenshot of nav menu under Admin

For more information, see Marketplace Profile.

Third-party virtual circuit order forms

The Select 3rd Party Provider section of the order form is now populated with the marketplace directory and filters:

before and after comparison of the 3rd party provider step

For more information, see Create a Third-Party Connection.

Changes and enhancements

Connection Requests page relocation

The Connection Requests page is now available under Network > Marketplace:

Screenshot of the marketplace drop-down menu

“PacketDirect” is now “point-to-point”

We are no longer using the “PacketDirect” name for our dedicated Ethernet private line service. These connections are now simply referred to as “point-to-point” connections.

The portal interface has been updated to reflect this.

Automated Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute hosted connections

In the past, PacketFabric’s ExpressRoute hosted cloud connections required some behind-the-scenes manual configuration, which resulted in a delay before users could begin passing data. We have now fully automated the process, eliminating that delay.

This enhancement also means that if a user upgrades their ExpressRoute service, that change is automatically reflected in the PacketFabric portal.

There is no change to the user-side interface or procedure, but better documentation is forthcoming. See our current Microsoft Azure documentation here.


  • Improved user experience in the upgrade action window for cloud connections. It is now easier to close the window and the drop-down menu defaults to the next available speed.
  • The Admin > API Keys page has been removed. This is to support an upcoming change to how we handle API authentication.

Bug Fixes

  • Users can now delete any product within 24 hours of ordering, regardless of the service terms they selected. This has always been allowed per our MSA, but had been improperly blocked in the portal.
  • Multiple fixes to address invalid error messages.
  • Fixed issue where some customer attributes were not storing correctly after registration.
  • Modified the customer registration form to only require a state selection for certain countries.
  • Multiple changes to the Documents page:
    • Fixed bug where documents were not properly displayed after new customer registration.
    • Added file type restrictions to the Documents upload action to prevent users from uploading executables.
    • Fixed pagination error.
  • Fixed activity log error when using search parameters.
  • Removed a logging bug related to user IP addresses.
  • Fixed issue in which zones were returning with the wrong name.