June 11, 2020 Release Notes

New features

Two-factor authentication

There is now a Two Factor Auth page available under user account settings:

Screenshot of 2FA page

You will need an authenticator app to enroll. For more information, see My Account.

IMPORTANT: Once enrolled, you can no longer use session token and cookie authentication with API keys. Use key and hash instead. See the PacketFabric API documentation.

Improved search capability

When executing searches in the portal, you can now use AND and OR operators.

  • To perform an AND search, use the ampersand (&) character. For example, CHI & equ would return all Equinix sites in Chicago.
  • To perform an OR search, use a comma. For example, LAX1, LAX2 would return all interfaces whose ID includes LAX1 or LAX2.

Searches are case insensitive. This search capability is available on all service order pages, all pages under Network, the Support > Notifications page, and the Support > Locations page.

Changes and enhancements

Significant documentation page improvement

The Support > Documentation page now includes a link to the very best knowledge base.

Link to knowledge base


New locations

  • 6/5/2020 - WDC9: QTS Ashburn-Moran Data Center at 44874 Moran Road, Sterling VA 20166
  • 5/22/2020 - WDC8: NTT Global Data Centers at 44245 Gigabit Plaza, Ashburn VA 20147
  • 5/1/2020 - WDC7: Aligned at 21890 Uunet Dr., Ashburn VA 20147

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a JavaScript error in the quote tool related to third-party virtual circuits and searching by CRID.
  • Resolved issue where terms and pricing were not accurately reflected in the Billing Summary on service order pages.
  • Improved end date calculation for products to determine whether the Delete action should be available.
  • Minor grammar improvements on customer sign up page.
  • Fixed issue where the My Account menu remained open after navigating elsewhere in the portal.
  • Users are now prevented from creating EVPL virtual circuits that have both sides untagged. This had been causing provisioning errors.