September 29, 2022 Release Notes

New features

Automated credit card payments

Beginning with your October invoice, customers who have a credit card on file will be automatically charged for their invoice payment three days before the payment is due. Previously, customers were required to re-enter their credit card information manually each month.

To support this, there is a new Manage Saved Payment Methods link when updating a billing account, which will take you to a Stripe page. You can also enable or disable automated payments from here.

manage saved payments

For more information, see Automated Credit Card Payments.

Cloud Router features

Ingress source NAT when configuring BGP

Previously, we only supported egress SNAT. You can now opt to use ingress SNAT instead.

ingress snat

Per-prefix BGP configuration

You can now specify prefix settings on a default or a per-prefix basis.

Previously, you could only set these values for the entire prefix list.

per-prefix settings

per-prefix settings

All routes view

There is a new Routes page accessible from the Cloud Router details. This shows route information across all connections:

routes page

Changes and enhancements

  • The API call GET /v2/services/point-to-point/{ptp_uuid} now supports a circuit ID as input. Previously it only accepted the UUID of the circuit.
  • When creating an Azure hosted connection, selecting speed is now optional. Previously, it was required. If not selected, the speed you set with your ExpressRoute circuit will be used.
  • Various small UI updates when using aggregate capacity for a connection.
  • Improved the password reset page for clarity.
  • Added site code validation when checking Oracle on-ramps with vc_ocid.
  • Location information for ports will provide information about the PacketFabric location and the customer location (when available). This is primarily relevant for situations in which a cross connect is extending between ports in different location data centers on the same campus.
  • Various performance and stability improvements.

Bug fixes

  • Activity log was showing the wrong message after a user updated a Cloud Router.
  • Removing BFD from a Cloud Router BGP session was not working properly.
  • The API was allowing invalid network addresses when configuring BGP for Cloud Routers.
  • Duplicate prefix values were appearing in some Cloud Router prefix validation error messages.
  • Users were unable to delete ports that had previously been connected to a outbound cross connect.