Branding Customization

You can use the Admin > Branding page to create a customized look for your users and customers.

Troubleshooting notes:

  • For your branding to take effect, you and your customers must access the portal via a branded subdomain ( If you don’t have a branded subdomain associated with your account, contact

  • Your branding is not initialized yet - If you see this error, contact

Complete the following fields and then click Save or Preview:

  • Header row

    • Field
    • Description
  • Row 1

    • Company Name
    • The name that should be used with the page title.
  • Row 1

    • Primary Color

    • The primary color is used for buttons, links, and highlighting throughout the portal.

      TIP: If you upload your logo first, we’ll use the image to automatically generate a selection of colors from which you can select a primary color.
  • Row 2

    • Company Logo
    • Upload and position your logo.
  • Row 4

    • Favicon
    • (Optional) Upload the image to use as your favicon. This is the icon that appears in the browser tab and next to bookmarks.

screenshot of branding options

screenshot of branding options in action