You can use the Partners portal to build customer quotes from the Quotes page.

Create a quote

  1. Select New quote in the upper right to create a quote.

  2. Use the description field to provide a meaningful name for your quote.

  3. Click Add Product to select which PacketFabric services to add to the quote.

    Depending on the type of product you select, you are given a set of options. These options can affect the price of the product.

    TIP: When selecting locations, you can search by typing into the field rather than scrolling through the full list.
  4. Once added, you can edit and delete products from the quote:

    Edit and delete actions

When you are finished adding products, you can do one of the following:

  • To keep the quote open, simply navigate away from the page. Your quote is saved and you can return to it later.

  • To finalize the quote and download a PDF or CSV, click Finalize.

    Finalization is not permanent; you can later re-open finalized quotes.

  • To publish a quote and make it available to a specific customer, first finalize the quote. You will then see an option to publish (see below).

  • To cancel the quote, click Cancel.

    You cannot un-cancel a quote. However, you can return to canceled quotes and duplicate them to create a new quote.

  • To duplicate the quote and create a new one, click Duplicate.

View quotes

From the Quoting page, double-click any quote to view its details.

Note that the default view only shows open quotes. If you are unable to find a quote, use the Status drop-down menu:

Quote filter

NOTE: The Open quote total is the sum of all visible quotes. For example, if you filter for all finalized quotes, this will display the sum total of finalized quotes.

Publish a quote

Before you can publish a quote, it must be finalized. Once a quote is finalized, you will see the Publish action:

Quotes publish action

When you publish a quote, you are asked to select a customer for whom the quote should be published. Once published, that quote will appear on the Quotes page for that customer:

Quotes page for customer

Double-click a quote to view its details.

From here, a user with the appropriate permissions can provision any or all services included in the quote:

Quotes page for customer with provision actions

Provisioning quotes services

You can provision a quote by visiting the customer’s portal via the Customers page.

When provisioning, the quoted elements of a service (for example, location, capacity, and term) are pre-populated but are still editable. The person provisioning the service will also still be required to enter some information, depending on the service type.

Once a service is provisioned, it is marked as complete.

Updating and republishing quotes

You can find previously published quotes using the Finalized filter on the Quotes page in the Partners portal.

  • To modify the quote, click Open in the upper right to view editing options.
  • To republish a quote to the same or different another customer, click Publish.

If you edit a quote and publish it to a customer, any previously published versions of that quote are unchanged. For example, if you publish a quote for a 10Gbps port to Customer A, and then edit it to be a 100Gbps port and publish it to Customer B, this will not affect the quote that Customer A sees in their portal.