Create a PacketFabric Account

NOTE: This process should only be done once per company.

After the initial registration, your account administrator can create additional users from the Admin page in the portal.

  1. From the PacketFabric website, click Try PacketFabric.

  2. Enter your contact details and a password.

    You will be added as an Admin contact with Admin permissions. This means that you will be the contact for PacketFabric if we have any administrative questions (for example, user access questions) and you will have full permissions across the portal.

  3. Click Next.

  4. Enter your company legal name.

  5. Click Register Company.

As soon as your registration is complete, you are sent an automated email with additional information such as billing account numbers and contacts information.

Your will be limited in how many services you can order until your account is fully verified. For more information, see New account quotas.

Next steps

As soon as your account has been confirmed, you can log in and start building connections.