February 2, 2023 Release Notes

New features

AWS-side provisioning for Hosted cloud connections

When creating a Hosted cloud connection to AWS, you will now have the option to provision the cloud side of the connection:

AWS provisioning

When you complete these fields, you can create or select the gateways involved, as well as create the virtual interface (VIF). For more information, see Create a Hosted AWS Connection.

Changes and enhancements

Saved addresses

You can now save addresses. Saved addresses will be available in forms that require an address:

Saved address


  • When provisioning a port, sites that require an extended cross connect are now identified:

    Extended site

  • Added pagination to the /marketplace/services API endpoint.

  • Service details will now show the full date, including the year. Previously, dates that fell within the current year only showed the month and the day.

  • Add SIP Trunking to the marketplace service category options.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed inconsistency for BGP prefix parameters returned with certain API calls.
  • When selecting between Source NAT and Destination NAT for Cloud Router connections, the entire box was not selectable in the UI.
  • Fixed an issue where Support group users were repeatedly shown a permissions error when viewing service details.
  • Fixed various minor UI issues in the BGP Settings modal.
  • A generic “Network Error” message was repeatedly appearing to portal users.
  • The Upgrade/Renew action was not available for marketplace virtual circuits.
  • The marketplace My Services counter was not appearing correctly in the left menu.
  • Fixed some style issues seen when using the portal in dark mode.
  • Fixed an issue in which users were unable to specify an extension when entering phone numbers.
  • If there is no default billing account specified, the billing step was leaving the account field empty. Now that field will be pre-populated with the first available account.