June 23, 2020 Release Notes

New features

PacketFabric outbound cross connects (Beta)

You can now order PacketFabric outbound cross connects directly through the portal:

Screenshot of the port overflow menu

This action is currently only available for individual ports and dedicated cloud connections, but will eventually be expanded to include point-to-point connections.

Once ordered, you can track the installation process from the interface details page:

Screenshot of the cross connect graphic

For more information, see Cross Connects.

Changes and enhancements

Port details page redesign

The information on the port details page has been streamlined and reorganized:

Screenshot of the port details page

For more information, see Port Information.

At-a-glance zones for PacketDirect

The PacketDirect dashboard now lists the availability zones:

Screenshot of the PacketDirect page

Improved release notes page

The Support > Release Notes page now links directly to the knowledge base.

Improved tooltip readability

Tooltips have been restyled for better readability:

Comparison between old and new tooltip

PacketFabric website update

packetfabric.com has been redesigned and moved to a new static website CMS.

Screenshot of the new website

Bug fixes

  • Resolved an issue in which some error messages were incorrectly appearing in the portal.
  • Fixed an error in which the Documents page under Port Details was not loading.
  • The port details page now consistently and accurately reflects whether a port has been disabled.
  • Resolved an issue in which the NRC value was not always being included in the total fields.
  • Improved the Create an AWS Hosted Cloud Connection page so that you are asked to select the source before the destination.
  • Fixed a JavaScript error that occurred when changing the AWS Hosted Cloud Connection destination.
  • Removed a tooltip that provided outdated information about AWS Hosted Cloud Connection speed availability.
  • Rate limits are now hidden for IX virtual circuits, as they cannot be enforced.
  • Added text to the confirmation message that appears after successfully creating an IX virtual circuit.
  • Improved the quote tool page to update pricing if the billing account is changed and fixed an error related to third-party and IX virtual circuits.
  • Minor typo fix in the generated LOA.
  • Fixed an error in which a user could be added as a request alias multiple times.
  • Removed an unsupported logging category.