December 3, 2020 Release Notes

New features

Set a default billing account Customer report

You can now specify which billing account is pre-populated when ordering PacketFabric services. Other accounts remain selectable from the drop-down menu.

screenshot of Update Contact window

For more information, see Manage Billing and Invoices.

Allow term upgrades for ports Customer report

You can now use the portal to upgrade your contract terms on a port. Previously, you had to request this change from your Implementation and Service Delivery Coordinator.

For more information, see Upgrade an Interface.

Changes and enhancements

  • Updated the footer in the portal to include a link to the main PacketFabric site.Customer request
  • Allow users to view the details page of a stuck or inactive cloud connection.

Bug fixes

  • Users unable to create metro point-to-point connections.Customer report
  • Improved performance of virtual circuit lists.
  • Removed Delete and Upgrade actions from inactive dedicated cloud connections.
  • Slow load times for the point-to-point connections page in the portal.
  • Incorrect error description in the progress bar for stuck cloud dedicated instances.
  • VLAN IDs not showing in the portal.Customer report
  • Third-party virtual circuits showing a 404 error to some Z-side users when pulling billing information.
  • 404 error showing when loading ports list if a port has recently been deleted.
  • Fixed an issue in which prefixes weren’t being received on some virtual circuits.Customer report
  • Fixed No account_uuid found for circuit error.Customer report


New locations

  • 11/12/2020 - MSP3: Flexential Minneapolis at 3500 Lyman Blvd, Chaska, MN 55318

Knowledge base


Customer request = Indicates changes done based on customer feedback.