February 8, 2022 Release Notes

Changes and enhancements

  • Improved the error messages that a user sees when trying to order a service that is disallowed due to the quotas in place for new accounts.
  • Improved the user flow around editing a Cloud Router to add multi-regional support or more capacity.
  • Added three new filters to the /v2.1/locations API call: one for ENNI ports, one for locations near a Cloud Router, and another for single-armed devices
  • Added API key support for streaming events.
  • Users are now prevented from deleting billing accounts that have active services.
  • Added a multi-hop TTL field to the BGP pages when configuring Cloud Router connections to Google Cloud.
  • Ensured inactive routes are visible when viewing the Routes table for a Cloud Router connection.
  • Added information about the port when viewing the details for a dedicated port Cloud Router connection.
  • Improved the visibility of the message that displays when a user selects a port with a longer lead time.

Bug fixes

  • Added/enhanced validation checks around untagged virtual circuits and marketplace requests. Customer request
  • Portal was not sending all the required API fields when requesting a marketplace virtual circuit.
  • Users were able to delete a virtual circuit while certain tasks were still completing.
  • Fixed an issue in which two Hosted cloud connections ordered simultaneously would create a VLAN conflict.
  • Portal was not properly displaying Cloud Router connection icons when many connections were present.
  • Cloud Router connection icon still displayed in portal even after all connections had been deleted.
  • Disallow duplicate entries when configuring allowed prefixes for a Cloud Router connection.
  • Chrome users were experiencing performance issues when loading the dashboard page in the portal.
  • Product lists in the portal were not being properly displayed in Safari browsers.
  • The widget to receive documentation help was broken in Safari browsers.
  • Fixed improper capitalization in Delete dialog.
  • Invalid site code was allowed when ordering a cross connect.
  • DELETE /v2/services/cloud-routers/{circuit_id}/connections/{cloud_connection_circuit_id} was missing from the API documentation.
Customer request = Indicates changes/features/fixes based on customer feedback.