Invite Customers

Invite new customers

From the dashboard or the Customers page, click Invite New Customer.

Enter the following information on behalf of the customer:

  • Header row

    • Field
    • Description
  • Row 1

    • Company Name
    • Enter a business name for the customer.
  • Row 2

    • Contact Name
    • This is the person responsible for setting up the account. They will be the default Admin user in the new account, and will be responsible for inviting other users from their company.
  • Row 2

    • Contact Email Address
    • Enter the email for the contact listed above. This is the email where the invite will be sent.
  • Row 2

    • Billing Email Address

    • Enter the email address for the billing account that manages this customer.

      This is a billing account you have already set up under the Billing tab. For more information, see Billing accounts.

  • Row 2

    • Billing Phone Number
    • Enter a phone number for the billing account associated with the email you entered above.

The customer receives the following email:

Dear <Contact Name>,

You have been invited to join the <Reseller Company Name> self-service experience, powered by PacketFabric. Get ready to experience connectivity in a beautiful and automated fashion, the way you expect the cloud should be!

Power up your internal network or backbone, connect to and between your Cloud Service and SaaS Providers, and build your own secure, private ecosystem with others via our marketplace.

To complete the sign-up process, follow the link below to create your account. Then, click, create, and connect!

Connect Here: <Registration Link>

Previous invites

To view the status of previous invites, go to the Customers tab and select Invites. From here you can view a list of previous invites sent. Invites can have one of the following statuses:

  • Pending: An invite has been sent, but the customer did not complete their registration through the link sent. Click Resend Invite to send another email.
  • Accepted: The customer clicked the link in the invite and created an account.