February 8, 2021 Release Notes

New features

Colt-powered ports

PacketFabric has partnered with Colt Technology Services to expand our locations in Europe.

This allows users to provision Colt On Demand ports using the PacketFabric portal and API. Once provisioned, you can build backbone virtual circuits between Colt ports and PacketFabric ports. For more information, see Colt-Powered Ports.

screenshot of Colt port

Early termination process for ports

In the past, we have not allowed customers to delete in-term ports through the API or portal. You could only delete a port if it had been ordered in the last 24 hours or was on a month-to-month contract. If you wanted to delete a port before your contract ended, you had to work with your Implementation and Service Delivery Coordinator.

This release introduces a process that allows you to delete in-term ports through the portal:

screenshot of delete

You will be required to pay the remaining balance on your contract, but you will not be charged any additional early termination fees.

NOTE: At this time, this option is only available for ports. It is not available for virtual circuits, point-to-point connections, or cloud connections.

Changes and enhancements

Update to the cancellation policy for virtual circuits

We are removing the 24 hour grace period in which to delete a virtual circuit with extended contract terms (meaning more than month-to-month).

If you make a mistake when creating a virtual circuit, contact PacketFabric support: support@packetfabric.com

The MSA is being updated accordingly.

UI changes

  • Additional work updating the color scheme in the portal.

  • Additional work standardizing “Create” actions. See the January 13 release notes.

  • Added a warning to the delete confirmation window when a Cloud Router connection requires prior action from the cloud side. This applies to AWS and IBM connections.

    screenshot of delete alert

Bug fixes

  • 500 error returned when checking status for dedicated cloud connections.
  • Unable to delete virtual circuits on dedicated cloud connections.
  • Users who had been created via SAML logins could not be re-added once deleted from the portal.
  • Unable to delete IBM cloud connections that had not been accepted from the IBM side.
  • Some attempts to delete Cloud Router connections were failing due to a layer3_ifl error.
  • Users were able to delete a Cloud Router that still had a dedicated port connection attached to it.
  • Some service order forms were not properly updating after users made selections.
  • LAG members were appearing as options when creating a third-party virtual circuit.
  • Fixed an issue in which text for long panel IDs was not being displayed properly on port details pages.
  • Port status wasn’t updating after enabling or disabling.
  • Users are now prevented from creating connections with a previously used pairing key.
  • “Click to cancel” window improperly displayed after creating some products.
  • Circuit IDs missing from the Billing Items page in portal.
  • Typo on the page that asks users to select dedicated or hosted when creating a cloud connection.

Network updates

New locations

Our partnership with Colt adds 109 PacketFabric locations throughout Europe.

You can explore these sites from the Locations page.

Knowledge base


The following pages now include a video demo created and narratated by our very favorite Keith Burns:

Customer request = Indicates changes/features/fixes based on customer feedback.