Upgrade a Virtual Circuit

When you upgrade a virtual circuit, you can do the following:

  • Move from a usage-based plan to a dedicated plan.
  • Change the terms to a longer contract. For example, if you are on a month-to-month contract, you can change to a 12 month contract (which comes with a discount).
  • Increase the capacity up to whatever the physical port allows.

To upgrade a virtual circuit, log in to the portal and select Network > Virtual Circuits.

Click the connection you are deleting and then select Actions > Upgrade:

Screenshot of VC actions menu

NOTE: If you do not see the Upgrade action, the circuit might not be upgradable. This would be the case for Metro circuits and Longhaul Dedicated circuits with an active capacity burst.

A window opens where you can select the term and speed. Note that you cannot downgrade speed or term. You can make the following term upgrades:

  • 12 months (available to users on a monthly plan)
  • 24 Months (available to users on a monthly or 12-month plan)
  • 36 Months (available to users on all plans)

Your current monthly rate is displayed alongside your new monthly rate:


The upgrade process should take effect within a few minutes.

IMPORTANT: You can only delete virtual circuits that are on month-to-month contracts. For longer contracts, you can disable the ports or edit the virtual circuit to reduce the rate limit down to 100 Mbps (the lowest possible).


  • Both the original service and the upgraded service are pro-rated for the month in which you upgrade.
  • Once you extend the contract terms, you cannot return to a shorter contract until your current terms expire.
    When your contract completes, you are automatically reverted back to month-to-month terms.

For more information, see Virtual Circuit Pricing, Terms, Billing.

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