Upgrade or Renew a Virtual Circuit

When you upgrade a virtual circuit, you can do the following:

  • Move from a usage-based plan to a dedicated plan.
  • Change the terms to a longer contract. For example, if you are on a month-to-month contract, you can change to a 12 month contract (which comes with a discount).
  • Increase the capacity up to whatever the physical port allows.

To upgrade a virtual circuit, log in to the portal and select Network > Virtual Circuits.

Click the connection you are upgrading and then select Actions > Upgrade/Renew:

Screenshot of VC actions menu

upgrade window for VC

NOTE: If you do not see the Upgrade/Renew action, the circuit might not be upgradable. This would be the case for Metro circuits and Longhaul Dedicated circuits with an active capacity burst.

If the virtual circuit is using aggregate capacity, you will see the Modify option instead.


  • Both the original service and the upgraded service are pro-rated for the month in which you upgrade.
  • Once you extend the contract terms, you cannot return to a shorter contract until your current terms expire.
    When your contract completes, you are automatically reverted back to month-to-month terms.

For more information, see Virtual Circuit Pricing, Terms, Billing.

Move from usage-based to dedicated

If you have a usage-based circuit and are moving to a dedicated circuit, you will need to select both a speed and a term. Use the Upgrade/Renew action described above.

Renew or extend contract terms

You can leave the Speed field untouched, but select a term. Note that if you select a shorter term than what you are on now, that term will only go into effect after your current term completes. A message appears providing the date.

For more information, see Virtual Circuit Pricing, Terms, Billing.

Increase capacity

You can increase the capacity of a virtual circuit to whatever the port allows. For a short-term increase, consider adding a burst instead. See Capacity Bursts.

Use the Upgrade/Renew action described above (Modify if you are working with an aggregate capacity virtual circuit). Leave the term field empty and select a new speed.

The upgrade process should take effect within a few minutes.

Decrease capacity

The only virtual circuit in which you can decrease capacity is a virtual circuit using aggregate capacity. Select Actions > Modify to decrease the capacity.

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