August 4, 2020 Release Notes

Changes and enhancements

Marketplace settings enhancements

Routing ID

Your company’s routing ID is now displayed on the Admin > Company Profile page. This was previously referred to as your CRID and could only be found through the API.

screenshot of the searchability toggle

If you want to remain hidden from the marketplace directory but also want to allow select users to create a third-party circuit, then you can give them your routing ID. They can use this to find you in the marketplace, even if you are hidden from everyone else.

For more information, see Browse the Marketplace and Customize Your Marketplace Profile.


The Marketplace Settings section of your company profile has been updated with the following:

  • “Yes” and “No” labels next to the searchability toggle to help clarify your selection.
  • You are shown how many services you have enabled. This is the number of published services you currently have. It does not include services you have created but which are not published.

screenshot of the marketplace settings

PacketFabric outbound cross connect enhancements

View deleted cross connects

When you delete a PacketFabric outbound cross connect, it now appears in the Disabled Cross Connects table on the port details page.

Outbound cross connects for LAG interfaces

When you expand a LAG interface to view its members, those members now have the Cross Connect action in their menus. This allows you to order a cross connect for a member port without first having to remove it from the LAG.

screenshot of a LAG member overflow menu

For more information, see Cross Connects.

URL updates

We are continuing to phase out the terms “PacketCOR” and “PacketDirect” in favor of “cloud connections” and “point-to-point connections,” respectively.

The portal URLs have now been updated to reflect this change:

AWS Dedicated Cloud Connection LACP

All new AWS dedicated cloud connections are created as a LAG, even if they only include one member.

Improved load times

We made several backend changes to improve the load times on cloud and virtual circuit pages.

Bug fixes

  • Multiple bug fixes related to our new in-house billing system.
  • Newly created services now appear in the Admin > Marketplace Services table without needing to manually refresh the page.
  • Fixed the following cloud connection issues:
    • Exception was being thrown when searching for open AWS ports.
    • Capacity check bug on AWS cloud connections.
    • Logging updates for AWS cloud provisioning processes.
    • AWS dedicated connection endpoints were incorrectly requiring a zone selection.
    • One of the dedicated cloud connectivity workers was getting stuck in a loop.
  • Fixed an issue with the marketplace search in which routing ID searches (formerly CRID) were failing due to mixed case values. Now all routing ID searches are case sensitive.

Knowledge base

The Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute documentation has been expanded to include overview information and an upgrade procedure. The article on creating an ExpressRoute circuit has also been expanded to include steps taken in the Azure portal.

See the updates here.