About PacketFabric Outbound Cross Connects

Pre-patched panels

All PacketFabric equipment is pre-patched and pre-cabled and ready for connections. This means that we just need to complete any patching to your local side that is not already in place.

Cross connect order status

You can track the order status from the Cross Connects page and the port details page:

Screenshot of the outbound cross connect on port details page

The cross connect representation includes interface details and is updated with the following statuses (if applicable):

  • Row
    • Status
    • Description
  • Row
    • Order Received
    • We have received the cross connect order.
  • Row
    • Order Review
    • We are evaluating the order to ensure that we have all the required information.
  • Row
    • Pending Approval
    • We have submitted a request to the data center and are waiting for a response.
  • Row
    • In Progress
    • The order has been confirmed and the cross connect is being installed.
  • Row
    • Quality Review
    • The cross connect has been installed and we are ensuring everything is working correctly.
  • Row
    • Completed
    • The cross connect has been installed, tested, and accepted. It is ready to use.
  • Row
    • Canceled
    • The order has been canceled.
  • Row
    • Change Required
    • The order has been reopened after being canceled, or rework is required.
Billing does not begin until the cross connect installation is completed and ready to use.