Set Up a Reseller Account

  1. Create a PacketFabric account.

    Before you can log in, your account is manually reviewed and then approved by the PacketFabric team. You should receive approval within 24 hours.

    NOTE: If you are also planning to use standard PacketFabric services (e.g. an access port or Cloud Router), you need to create a separate account and provision those separately. This account should be reserved for reseller activities and managing customers.

    This second account can be one of your "customers" (you would invite yourself as a new account), or you can create another account that is a direct PacketFabric customer. Discuss with your partner manager to decide which option is best. 
  2. Contact your PacketFabric partner manager and request to have your account converted from a standard customer account.

  3. Finish setting up your account: